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Orthodontics in Sydney

At Mayflower Dental in Sydney, we offer orthodontics such as braces, to help you create a straighter, healthier smile.

Orthodontics for Children, Teens & Adults in Sydney

We use precise techniques and appliances (such as braces) that correct problems with your teeth, bite and/or jaw over a period of months or years. The goal of orthodontics is to improve both the appearance and function of the smile and bite!

Provided the teeth are healthy, people of any age can undergo orthodontic treatment in one form or another, from young children, to teens, to older adults.

Braces & Orthodontic Treatment in Sydney

What is Two-Phase Treatment?

Two-phase treatment is a specialized orthodontic approach that integrates straightening teeth with the physical facial changes that young children go through to help create an aesthetically pleasing and functional smile.

The first phase of treatment typically takes place when the child is as young as 7, and phase two typically takes place starting in the pre-teen or early teen years.

Each patient and case is different, and your dentist will work with you and your child to determine if two-phase treatment will benefit his or her individual case. 

Phase one of treatment involves treating orthodontic issues before all of the permanent teeth have erupted. Early treatment can, in some cases, prevent more invasive treatment or even surgery in the future.

After a resting period (during which retainers may be utilized), phase two of treatment takes place, once all of the permanent teeth have erupted.

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