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Dental Services in Sydney

We provide a variety of dental services for our patients at Mayflower Dental in Sydney. 

Dental Services in Sydney

General Dentistry

Our team provides a comprehensive range of general dentistry services, from dental fillings and hygiene, to crowns, bridges and dentures.  » Learn More

Cosmetic Treatment

We offer several cosmetic dental treatments to help repair and improve the appearance of our patients' smiles.  » Learn More

Dental Appliances

We can fit your children with mouth guards or provide sleep apnea and snoring appliances to your loved ones.  » Learn More

Sleep Study Clinic

The Dental Sleep Medicine Centre at Mayflower Dental in Sydney can help you or your loved ones suffering from sleep apnea. » Learn More

Gum Therapy

Our dental team can help keep your gums healthy with our range of gum disease treatment and prevention options.  » Learn More

Oral Surgery

At Mayflower Dental in Sydney, we offer oral surgery options for patients, including bone grafting, extractions, and wisdom tooth removal.  » Learn More


We offer orthodontic treatment for children, teens and adults in Sydney, for straighter, healthier smiles.  » Learn More


Our dental team offers Botox injections as a treatment option for our Sydney patients.  » Learn More

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